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Happy Autumn - "Fall in Love" with Casting today at
Happy Autumn - "Fall in Love" with Casting today at

Tiny Giant Series

Original price $ 27.95
Current price $ 25.00

This blue tube-in silicone mold casts two tubes for the following kits:

  • Tiny Giant Pen Kit from Turner's Warehouse
  • Editor Ballpoint Pen Kit
  • Bolt Action Tec-Pen Kit from PSI

            Initial set of stoppers are included with a mold purchase. CLICK HERE to buy replacements.

            PLEASE NOTE:

            Blue molds except Gisi Style Molds cast Polyester Resin (Silmar 41), Urethane Resin (Alumilite Clear), and Epoxy Resin.

            Mold release sprays help to extend the shelf life of our molds. We recommend Stoner Thermoset for Polyester and Epoxy Resins, and Stoner Urethane for Urethane Resin.

            Please contact us or visit our Casting Basics Guide for more information on mold casting.