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Happy New Year - what's your new year casting resolutions?
Happy New Year - what's your new year casting resolutions?

2" x 4" x 2" HDPE Block Mold

$ 30.00

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a polyethylene thermoplastic, used in the production of plastic bottles and cutting boards. HDPE is considered more durable and safer than PVC. We use HDPE to make an alternative to our blue silicone molds, and it is available in most standard single blank or block sizes, as well in custom order dimensions.

Our CNC machined design can be fully disassembled and prevents screws from stripping threads which commonly happens in home-made molds.

Cast Dimensions: 2" x 4" x 2" and holds approximately 300 grams.

 This HDPE mold is made to order and may take 7-10 days to be ready for delivery.

Mold release sprays help to extend the shelf life of our molds. We recommend Stoner Thermoset for Polyester and Epoxy Resins, and Stoner Urethane for Urethane Resin.

Please contact us or visit our Casting Basics Guide for more information on mold casting.

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