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Welcome to Wissen Design Inc -
Welcome to Wissen Design Inc -

Alumilite 4.0 Tube-in Mold Bundle

Original price $ 98.27
Current price $ 86.50
Mold Choice:

This bundle includes:

  • Your Choice of Slimline, Sierra, or Patriot 4.0 Tube-in Casting Mold
  • 2 pound kit of Alumilite Clear Slow Urethane Resin
  • PTownSubbie Tube-in Rolling Jig. 

Each mold casts up to 4 tubes for a wide variety of pen kits. Sold separately, the bundle would cost $98.27.

7 MM SLIMLINE - this blue tube-in silicone mold casts up to two upper and two lower tubes for the following, most major pen kit sellers will have a similar size:

  • 7mm kits with approx 2.09" tube length

SIERRA - this blue tube-in silicone mold casts two tubes for the following kits:

  • Sierra Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Sierra Vista Pen Kit
  • Apprentice Classica Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Artisan Aero pen Pen Kit
  • Gatsby Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Wall Street II Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Elegant Beauty Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Lancer Twist Pen Kit
  • LaserLinez Liberty
  • Lever Action Pen Kit
  • Mesa Twist Pen Kit
  • Virage Twist Pen Kit
  • PSI Art Deco Twist Pen Kit 
  • PSI Magnum Twist Pen Kit
  • PSI Majestic Squire Twist Pen Kit
  • PSI Nouveau Sceptre Twist Pen Kit
  • PSI Bolt Action (30 Cal) BP Pen Kit
  • PSI Football Twist Pen Kit
  • PSI Gearshift Pen Kit
  • PSI Steampunk Pen Kit
  • PSI Diva Charm Pen Kit
  • PSI Vesper Click Pen Kit
  • PSI Vertex Bolt Action Pen Kit
  • Rockler Manhattan Twist
  • Taylors Mirfield British Made Ares Pen Kit

PATRIOT - this blue tube-in silicone mold casts two tubes for the following kits:

  • Artisan Patriot Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Carbara Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Polaris Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Polaris 7mm Pencil Pen Kit
  • Atlas Twist BP Pen Kit
  • PSI Civil War Pen Kit
  • PSI Executive Twist BP Pen Kit
  • PSI Knight's Armor Pen Kit
  • PSI Fly Fishing Pen Kit
  • Woodcraft Nuclear Submarine Pen Kit
  • Vertex Click Pen Kit
  • Professor Pen Kit
  • Nautical Pen Kit
  • PSI Knurl GT Pen Kit
  • CSUSA Exemplar Pen Kit
  • PSI Deluxe Sketch Pen/Pencil Combo Kit (PKSPCL2xx)
  • PSI Phoenix Rising Pen Kit