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Happy New Year - what's your new year casting resolutions?
Happy New Year - what's your new year casting resolutions?


Stopper Replacements

All silicone tube-in casting molds come with an initial sets of stoppers (plugs).  These stoppers will replace those lost or damaged during the casting process or for improvised tube-in casts in our adjustable horizontal blank mold designs. Replacements do not come with eye hooks. You can reuse the eye hooks from your initial mold purchase or you will need to purchase  additional supplies to make your own stopper holders. Stoppers are sold separately or in sets. Just contact us if you have any questions. 

universal slimline (7 mm) – 4 extra small stoppers (shorter style) to make it easier to cast Slimline in the 2 blank horizontal mold

slimline (7 mm) - 4 original slimline stoppers (longer style) for the 7 mm Slimline Tube-in Series

universal small (8 -10 mm) -  4 small stoppers (shorter style) for the Cowboy, Designer, Razor, Tec-Pen, Tiny Giant in the 2 blank horizontal mold, or alternative stoppers for the patriot or cowboy specials

medium (3/8" to 10.5 mm) - 4 medium stoppers for the Cigar, Sierra, Sierra Click, Zen, Patriot, Clicker, Victorian, and Civil War Series; 2 medium stoppers for the BODY stoppers in Virage, Vertex Supreme, Graduate, Junior, and Shakespeare Series

large (11 mm - 13 mm) - 2 large stoppers for the CAP stoppers of the Virage, Vertex Supreme, Cambridge, Graduate, Junior, and Shakespeare Series; 2 large stoppers for the BODY stoppers of the Gent Series

4 large stoppers for the Cambridge Series and Junior Double Cap Mold

extra large (13 mm and larger) - 2 extra large stoppers for the CAP stoppers of the Gent Series