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Custom Casting Molds and Accessories by Fred Wissen
Custom Casting Molds and Accessories by Fred Wissen


Colorant Options - Mica Powders, Dyes, Pigments

 UPDATE - You now have 44 mica powder colors / effects to choose from!

Whether you are looking for transparent or opaque colorant casting options, we can provide you with the right combination to achieve your goals.  Most of the Alumilite Dyes are considered transparent, but when mixed with mica powders, can create an opaque blank. Mica powders are also transparent (unless you use a large amount and/or darker color), but when mixed with dyes or pigments can be opaque. The Pigments we sell are opaque, but can be given depth and dimension by adding mica powders. Mica is colorless sparkle on its own but the powder substrate it is mixed into is created from the minerals or other materials added to the mica. 

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