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Welcome to - Custom Source for the Hobby Caster!
Welcome to - Custom Source for the Hobby Caster!

Stoner Thermoset Mold Release Aerosol Spray for Polyester and Epoxy Resins

by Stoner
$ 20.00

Stoner Thermoset Mold Release provides fast, easy, cast removal of polyester resins (Silmar 41) or epoxy resins (West Epoxy System, Liquid Diamonds, Alumilite's Amazing Clear Cast ). Net Weight: 11 oz (311 grams) 

GROUND SHIPPING INCLUDED IN PRICE: No International Orders Allowed. Ground shipping is required by law for all aerosol sprays. Mold release orders may be shipped separately from other products purchased or combined in ground service if more cost efficient for the customer.  We cannot sell mold release to any country / province where USPS Parcel Select or UPS ground service is not supported.   Please note, ground shipping is slower than priority mail, so if shipped separately, it may take several days longer to receive. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well. Hold can 10-12 inches from mold surface.  Apply a thin mist coating on the mold surface for best results. ALLOW THE SPRAY TO DRY BEFORE ADDING RESIN TO THE MOLD. Using products not designed for your particular resin, such as oils or waxes, may affect the outside of your resin cast in an adverse manner. Stoner is the only brand we have found that formulates for the type of resin you plan on casting, which helps to produce better casts as well as save your mold wear.  

DO NOT USE mold release in any of our Gisi Style Molds.