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Welcome to - Custom Source for the Hobby Caster!
Welcome to - Custom Source for the Hobby Caster!

2-1/2 Gallon Mold Rack System

$ 64.95

Stackable mold rack system to safely hold multiple silicone casting molds while curing in a 2.5 gallon pressure pot. Each tier holds up to four tube-in molds, depending on the size and has been machined to fit snug into the previous level without touching the molds. Comes with three interlocking rack levels, which can be used together or separately.

Finger hold notches at the top of each side allow you to move the rack in and out of the pot. The top acrylic is for air deflection only - not to be used as a shelf or handle.

If  you cast at consistently higher pressures or have other issues with having an acrylic lid deflector, we are considering creating another version of this mold rack system with an hdpe deflector lid. Cost will be more than the original version (acrylic lid), please contact us if interested.

Fits standard 2.5 gallon Harbor Freight pressure pots. Other pressure pots require 8.5" in diameter and 8.25" in height for this system to fit.

Please contact us if you are interested in a mold rack but do not see any in stock.