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Discount code: 25 off pen blanks - now through September 30, 2021.
Discount code: 25 off pen blanks - now through September 30, 2021.

PTownSubbie Mica Powders

Our own mica powders - net 1 ounce (28 grams) or 3.9 oz (110 grams) of 32 colors. 

Mica is a colorless, odorless solid that easily flakes into powder. It is opalescent and satiny -- a common ingredient found in many mineral cosmetics. Mixed with resins and other dyes, mica powder can create depth and eye catching interest in your casting color combinations. 

Mica Powder colors currently available in our One of Every Color (OOEC) set:

Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, Aqua Blue, Baby Girl Pink, Caffe Latte, Camo Green, Canary Yellow, Carolina Blue, Charcoal Black, Daisy Yellow, Dusty Rose, Fuchsia Pink, Goldenrod, Hot Chocolate, Indigo Blue, Lilac Purple, Mint Green, Olympic Gold, Rose Red, Royal Purple, Saffron Orange, Sapphire Blue, Silver Gray, Snow White, Spring Green, Tangerine, Turquoise, Ultra Violet, Wine Red

The OOEC set also includes the following specialty effects / colors: Interference Gold, Interference Violet, and Macro Sparkle

Note: mica jars are filled to 1 ounce (28 grams) or 3.9 ounce (110 grams) by weight.  Colors vary by density, so fill levels vary by color.  Please contact us if interested in larger volume sizes.