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Happy New Year - Stay Safe and Healthy!
Happy New Year - Stay Safe and Healthy!

4 Blank Horizontal Mold - 7/8" square x 5-1/4" - Blue

$ 40.00

This silicone mold casts up to four square blanks at a time.  NOT FOR USE WITH TUBE-IN STOPPERS / HOLDERS like with the 2 blank horizontal mold.

Cast Size Available:

  • 7/8" square x 5-1/4" 
  • holds approximately 90 grams per cavity


Blue molds except Gisi Style Molds cast Polyester Resin (Silmar 41), Urethane Resin (Alumilite Clear), and Epoxy Resin.

Mold release sprays help to extend the shelf life of our molds. We recommend Stoner Thermoset for Polyester and Epoxy Resins, and Stoner Urethane for Urethane Resin.

Please contact us or visit our Casting Basics Guide for more information on mold casting.