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Welcome to - Custom Source for the Hobby Caster!

Alumilite Clear Urethane Resin - 8 Pound Kit

$ 108.80

Alumilite Clear 8 Pound (3.6 kg) Kit

Alumilite is sold by weight,  This kit includes 4 pounds (1.8 kg) each of A and B, approximately 1 gallon of mixed resin

Alumilite Clear is a premium clear casting resin preferred by professional blank makers around the world!  This resin was specially formulated with the woodworker's needs in mind including:

  • Resilience (less brittle than other resin types frequently used) so that your finished pieces don't crack if accidentally dropped
  • High polishability to achieve that high gloss many demand
  • High machinability which make your finished blanks easy to turn on a lathe, cut, route, or shape on a belt sander
  • Low shrinkage which makes Alumilite Clear the preferred resin for Worthless Wood (wood and resin) castings
  • Optical clarity for those times you need a clear casting which also means your dyed castings will remain true to color
  • Very low odor so that your entire shop does not stink like when using other resins!

Alumilite Clear has a 7min open time and pressure casting is recommended to achieve bubble free results.

Q&A about Urethane Resin, things to keep in mind when casting with urethane resins:

  • Moisture causes foam.
  • Insufficient mixing causes swirls & clouds.
  • Incorrect ratio of Parts A & B (should be 1:1 by weight) causes solid white.

Recommended for industrial use only. B side may thicken and need to be warmed before use.

Technical Data Sheet