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Welcome to - Custom Source for the Hobby Caster!
Welcome to - Custom Source for the Hobby Caster!

Mold Specifications

This chart includes how much resin is approximately used per mold or cavity of our PTownSubbie molds. We find measuring resin weight in grams on an accurate scale helps to increase your casting success. If you weigh your final cast after demolding may help to predict how much resin was used in your cast for the next time.

The numbers we have provided below are overestimated to allow for beginner errors in pouring or spilling when moving into the pressure pot.  If you prefer to do your own calculations, here are the following formula. 

1) find volume of the mold: also provides a free volume calculator to assist in this conversion.

  • Block / Blank molds:  length x width x height
  • Tube in molds: π x radius squared (r x r) x height

2) Multiply the volume by 0.554 to get ounces

3) Multiply the answer for ounces by 30 to get approximate grams. Note this is more than exact amount of grams but it's necessary to allow a margin of error.

Note: total weight includes both resin and hardener quantities. Please be sure to read mixing instructions on your chosen resin. Ratio of resin to hardener may vary 1:1 or 2:1 depending on the type used. Most resins work better the more quantity you can mix in one pour, so plan accordingly to cast in batches as much as possible.  Please read our differences in resin page for more info.

BLANK MOLDS - Blue Silicone

Total Weight (in grams)

1" square x 5-1/4" Single Blank Mold

105 grams

1-3/4" square x 6" Two Blank Mold

720 grams per cavity

2 Blank Adjustable Horizontal Mold - 7/8" square x 5-1/4"

90 grams per cavity

4 Blank Horizontal Mold - 7/8" square x 5-1/4"

90 grams per cavity

4 Blank Vertical Bespoke Mold

75 grams per cavity

4 Blank Vertical Mold

45 grams per cavity

4 Bottle Stoppers - Small

75 grams per cavity

6 Blank Vertical Mold - 3/4"

45 grams per cavity

6 Blank Vertical Mold - 7/8" 65 grams per cavity

Bangle Blank Mold

80 grams

Knife Scales Blank Mold

520 grams


BLOCK MOLDS - Blue Silicone

Weight (in grams)

2-7/8" x 5-1/4" x 1" Block Mold

290 grams

6" x 5-1/4" x 1" Block Mold

600 grams



Weight (in grams)

1-1/2" square x 6-1/2" Blank Mold

280 grams

1-3/4” square x 3” Shaving Brush Block Mold

360 grams

2” x 2” x 4” MODs / Vapes  Mold

300 grams

2” x 2” x 3” Duck Call Mold

225 grams

7/8" square x 5-1/4" Blank Mold

90 grams

Turkey Pot Call Mold

340 grams



Weight (in grams)

2-7/8" x 5-1/4" x 1" Block Mold

290 grams

5-1/4" square x 1-1/2" Block Mold

540 grams


TUBE-IN MOLDS (Blue Silicone Only)

Most tube-in series are universal in nature, if the tube length is close and bushings are the same size or smaller, then the tube-in blank should cast properly.  Please CONTACT US or download our mold instruction documentation sheet again on how to use tube-in molds. Most tube-in molds will cast several size pen kits and may not be able to predict an exact weight of resin used.

7MM SLIMLINE SERIES: (more info) approximately 40 grams per mold

  • any 7mm Pen Kit with approx 2.09" tube length


  • Cambridge Rollerball or Fountain Pen Kit
  • Cambridge / Ultra Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Cambridge / Hybrid Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Apollo Elite Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Churchill Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • EL Grande Twist Cap Pen Kit
  • EL Grande Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Old Ligero Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Olympian Elite Screw Cap Pen Kit

CIGAR SERIES: (more info) up to 40 grams per mold

  • Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Fat Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Apprentice Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Extra Large Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Big Ben Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Cigar 0.5 mm Pencil Pen Kit
  • Hybrid Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Ultra Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
  • PSI Cat Twist BP Pen Kit

CLICKER SERIES: (more info)

  • Clicker BP Pen Kit
  • Longwood Click BP Pen Kit
  • Longclick BP Pen Kit

COWBOY SERIES: (more info)

  • PSI Cowboy Twist Pen Kit
  • PSI Skull Pen Kit (needs adj small stoppers)
  • PSI Dragon Pen Kit (needs adj small stoppers)

DESIGNER SERIES: (more info)

  • Round Top European Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Streamline Round Top Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Round Top 7mm Euro Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Apprentice 7mm European Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Designer 7mm Twist BP Pen Kit
  • European 7mm Twist BP Pen Kit

GENT SERIES: (more info)

  • Gentlemen Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Statesmen Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Emperor Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Majestic Screw Cap Pen Kit

JUNIOR SERIES: (more info) 35-50 grams per mold

  • Jr Gent I Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Jr Gent II Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Jr Retro Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Jr Emperor Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Jr George Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Jr Aaron Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Jr Harold Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Majestic Junior Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Sedona Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Baron Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Tycoon Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Navigator Screw Cap Pen Kit

PATRIOT SERIES: (more infoup to 27 grams per cavity

  • Artisan Patriot Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Carbara Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Polaris Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Polaris 7mm Pencil Pen Kit
  • Atlas Twist BP Pen Kit
  • PSI Civil War Pen Kit
  • PSI Executive Twist BP Pen Kit
  • PSI Knight's Armor Pen Kit
  • PSI Fly Fishing Pen Kit
  • Woodcraft Nuclear Submarine Pen Kit
  • Vertex Click Pen Kit
  • Professor Pen Kit
  • Nautical Pen Kit
  • PSI Knurl GT Pen Kit
  • PSI Deluxe Sketch Pen/Pencil Combo Kit (PKSPCL2xx)
  • PSI Duraclick EDC Pen Kit (needs adj small stoppers)


  • CSUSA Artisan Classic Mach 3 razor


  • British Made MK2 Shakespeare Rollerball and Fountain Pen Kit
  • Beaufort Mistral Rollerball and Fountain Pen Kit
  • PSI Vertex Supreme Rollerball or Fountain Pen Kit w/ magnetic cap
  • PSI Magnetic Graduate Pen Kit


  • Sierra Button Click Pen Kit
  • Wallstreet II Button Click Pen Kit
  • PSI Vertex Magnetic Cap Pen Kit

SIERRA SERIES: (more info) up to 26 grams per cavity

  • Sierra Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Sierra Vista Pen Kit
  • Apprentice Classica Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Artisan Aero pen Pen Kit
  • Gatsby Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Wall Street II Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Elegant Beauty Twist BP Pen Kit
  • Lancer Twist Pen Kit
  • LazerLinez Liberty
  • Lever Action Pen Kit
  • Mesa Twist Pen Kit
  • Virage Twist Pen Kit
  • PSI Art Deco Twist Pen Kit 
  • PSI Magnum Twist Pen Kit
  • PSI Majestic Squire Twist Pen Kit
  • PSI Nouveau Sceptre Twist Pen Kit
  • PSI Bolt Action (30 Cal) BP Pen Kit
  • PSI Gearshift Pen Kit
  • PSI Steampunk Pen Kit
  • PSI Diva Charm Pen Kit
  • PSI Vesper Click Pen Kit
  • Taylors Mirfield British Made Ares Pen Kit

TINY GIANT SERIES: (more info)

  • Tiny Giant Pen Kit from Turners Warehouse

VIRAGE SERIES: (more info)

  • Virage Fountain / Rollerball Pen Kit

ZEN SERIES: (more info)

  • Zen Magnetic Cap Pen Kit
  • Zen Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • Gran Torino Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • 2007 Screw Cap Pen Kit
  • PSI Celtic Twist Pen Kit
  • PSI Rollester Pen Kit
  • Woodcraft Wrench Click Pen Kit
  • PSI Dog Click Pen Kit


GISI STYLE MOLDS (Blue Silicone Only)

BOLT ACTION (more info)
JUNIOR CAP (more info)
JUNIOR BODY (more info)
PROFESSOR (more info)
SIERRA (more info)  1st cast - 20 grams / 2nd cast - 30 grams


Approximate Cost of Buying Resins (including average domestic shipping):

Resin Kit Size Cost Per Gram
2 Pound (Alumilite Clear / Clear Slow) $ 0.06
8 Pound (Alumilite Clear / Clear Slow) $ 0.03
16 Pound (Alumilite Clear / Clear Slow) $ 0.02