Most tube-in series are universal in nature, if the tube length is close and bushings are the same size or smaller, then the tube-in blank should cast properly.  Please CONTACT US or visit IAP Kit Bushing and Tube Reference for various pen kit dimensions if you need more information.


7MM SLIMLINE SERIES: (more info)

  • 7mm Pen Kit with approx 2.09" tube length

    CAMBRIDGE SERIES: (more info)

    • Cambridge Rollerball or Fountain Pen Kit
    • Cambridge / Ultra Screw Cap Pen Kit
    • Cambridge / Hybrid Screw Cap Pen Kit
    • Apollo Elite Screw Cap Pen Kit
    • Churchill Screw Cap Pen Kit
    • EL Grande Twist Cap Pen Kit
    • EL Grande Screw Cap Pen Kit
    • Old Ligero Screw Cap Pen Kit
    • Olympian Elite Screw Cap Pen Kit

      CIGAR SERIES: (more info)

      • Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
      • Fat Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
      • Apprentice Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
      • Extra Large Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
      • Big Ben Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
      • Cigar 0.5 mm Pencil Pen Kit
      • Hybrid Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit
      • Ultra Cigar Twist BP Pen Kit

        CLICKER SERIES: (more info)

        • Clicker BP Pen Kit
        • Longwood Click BP Pen Kit
        • Longclick BP Pen Kit

          COWBOY SERIES: (more info)

          • PSI Cowboy Twist Pen Pen Kit

            DESIGNER SERIES: (more info)

            • Round Top European Twist BP Pen Kit
            • Streamline Round Top Twist BP Pen Kit
            • Round Top 7mm Euro Twist BP Pen Kit
            • Apprentice 7mm European Twist BP Pen Kit
            • Designer 7mm Twist BP Pen Kit
            • European 7mm Twist BP Pen Kit

              GENT SERIES: (more info)

              • Gentlemen Screw Cap Pen Kit
              • Statesmen Screw Cap Pen Kit
              • Emperor Screw Cap Pen Kit
              • Majestic Screw Cap Pen Kit

                JUNIOR SERIES: (more info)

                • Jr Gent I Screw Cap Pen Kit
                • Jr Gent II Screw Cap Pen Kit
                • Jr Retro Screw Cap Pen Kit
                • Jr Emperor Screw Cap Pen Kit
                • Jr George Screw Cap Pen Kit
                • Jr Aaron Screw Cap Pen Kit
                • Jr Harold Screw Cap Pen Kit
                • Majestic Junior Screw Cap Pen Kit
                • Sedona Screw Cap Pen Kit
                • Baron Screw Cap Pen Kit
                • Tycoon Screw Cap Pen Kit
                • Navigator Screw Cap Pen Kit

                  PATRIOT SERIES: (more info)

                  • Carbara Twist BP Pen Kit
                  • Patriot Twist BP Pen Kit
                  • Polaris Twist BP Pen Kit
                  • Polaris 7mm Pencil Pen Kit
                  • Atlas Twist BP Pen Kit
                  • PSI Civil War Pen Kit
                  • PSI Executive Twist BP Pen Kit
                  • PSI Knight's Armor Pen Kit
                  • PSI Vesper Click Pen Kit
                  • PSI Fly Fishing Pen Kit

                    RAZOR HANDLE SERIES: (more info)

                    • CSUSA Artisan Classic Mach 3 razor

                      SIERRA CLICK SERIES: (more info)

                      • Sierra Button Click Pen Kit
                      • Wallstreet II Button Click Pen Kit
                      • PSI Vertex Magnetic Cap Pen Kit

                        SIERRA SERIES: (more info)

                        • Sierra Twist BP Kit
                        • Sierra Vista Pen Kit
                        • Apprentice Classica Twist BP Kit
                        • Gatsby Twist BP Kit
                        • Wall Street II Twist BP Kit
                        • Elegant Beauty Twist BP Kit
                        • Lancer Twist pen Kit
                        • Mesa Twist pen Kit
                        • Virage Twist pen Kit
                        • PSI Art Deco Twist Pen Kit 
                        • PSI Magnum Twist Pen Kit
                        • PSI Majestic Squire Twist Pen Kit
                        • PSI Nouveau Sceptre Twist Pen Kit
                        • PSI Bolt Action (30 Cal) BP Pen Kit
                        • Artisan Aero pen Pen Kit
                        • PSI Gearshift Pen Kit
                        • PSI Steampunk Pen Kit

                          TINY GIANT SERIES: (more info)

                          • Tiny Giant Pen Kit from Turners Warehouse

                            VIRAGE SERIES: (more info)

                            • Virage Fountain / Rollerball Pen Kit

                              ZEN SERIES: (more info)

                              • Zen Magnetic Cap BP Pen Kit
                              • Zen Screw Cap BP Pen Kit
                              • Gran Torino Screw Cap BP Pen Kit
                              • 2007 Screw Cap BP Pen Kit
                              • PSI Celtic Twist Pen Kit
                              • PSI Knurl GT Twist Pen Kit
                              • PSI Rollester Pen Kit
                              • Woodcraft Wrench Click Pen Kit