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Happy New Year - Stay Safe and Healthy!
Happy New Year - Stay Safe and Healthy!

CNC Licensed US Marine Corps Pen Kits with COA MCRD San Diego Pen Blank

$ 39.95

Designed by Jason Rose, the upper pen blank features images and sand commemorating the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) in San Diego, California - wonderful gift for your USMC graduate!

Our special MCRD San Diego pen kit offer includes

  • Engraved USMC lower half assembly pen kit 
  • Gold titanium pen clip with finial top
  • Unturned MCRD San Diego upper pen blank
  • MCRD Sand Diego Sand Certificate of Authenticity
  • Official USMC License


Congratulations, you are the owner of a MCRD San Diego Pen (Blank). In this blank are grains of sand collected from MCRD San Diego, CA.


The lower interface of the upper blank uses a 30 CAL Bolt Action Bushing.  The upper finial uses a Euro or Designer finial bushing. The blank is turned to size and polished like a normal resin blank. Sand through the 12,000 grit Micro Mesh pads.  You can use a plastic polish after if desired, but it is not required. 


For the brass cartridge itself, you may want to polish with Renaissance Wax to prevent tarnish, or expect to polish often as untreated brass. 

Cartridge engraved pen kits are made to order and may take 7-10 days to be ready for delivery.